Punjab & Haryana

GIO Bharat जियो Punjab/Haryana

Punjab, a state bordering Pakistan, is the heart of India’s Sikh community. The economy of Punjab is the 14th-largest state economy in India. Punjab’s population is engaged in the agricultural sector, which accounts for a significant segment of the state’s gross product. Punjab produces an important portion of India’s food grain and contributes a major share of the wheat and rice stock held by the Central Pool (a national repository system of surplus food grain). Industries with the largest number of workers include those producing silk, wool, and other textiles, processed foods and beverages, metal products and machinery, transport equipment and furniture.

Haryana has a proud history going back to the Vedic Age. The State was the home of the legendary Bharata dynasty, which has given the name Bharat to India.

Agriculture is the mainstay of more than 65 per cent population in Haryana with the second largest contribution to the food bowl of the country. Under the diversification of crops, more and more area is being brought under cash crops like sugarcane, cotton and oilseeds, vegetable and fruits. Phulkari is the well-known GI products from this region.

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